Steve’s Writing History

writing 00Steve LeBel began writing his first book in 2012.  He set out to write a humorous fantasy about a young god, named Bernie, who just graduated from God School where he learned all about building universes. Bernie lands his dream job working for The Business where his task is to build his own universe.  Billy, his nemesis from school, is determined to sabotage Bernie’s universe and get him fired.  As Bernie discovers more and more problems on his world, he begins to suspect the truth, but that is not enough.  Bernie must find a way to keep his job and save his world.

2014-05-20 11.39.44Much of Steve’s first year was devoted to learning the craft of writing.  He was fortunate to meet local writers who shared the same goal: completing and publishing their first book.  Steve hosted weekly meetings for the group as they worked to finish their books and develop the ancillary tools needed for publishing.  Together they developed websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blurbs, book covers, and more.  Finally, they formed a small publishing company called Argon Press through which they all published their books during 2014.

book sales and signingsSteve named his first book The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty and published it in June 2014.  There were numerous signings, culminating in a book signing at Barnes & Noble in December 2014.

Within the first six months of publishing, Steve’s book achieved Best Seller Status in five categories on Amazon. Excellent reviews from the book’s readers allowed it to win outstanding recognition as one of the Top Rated Books on Amazon in three categories.

award 09In January 2015, the book was awarded the GRAND PRIZE by Writer’s Digest in their book contest.  By the end of 2015, The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty won SIXTEEN national and international book awards, including BOOK of the YEAR (1st Place) from INA, four Gold Medals, two Silver Medals, and much more (see award list).

With the first book complete, Steve turned to writing a second book.  The readers had made one thing clear:  they want more adventures with Bernie and his friends.  So Steve is working on just that.

bernie made a few changesTo see what Steve is working on now, click here.