GRAND PRIZE – Writer’s Digest

award 09
I just learned The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty won the GRAND PRIZE in the 2014 Writer’s Digest book contest, beating out every book in eight different categories.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled.

Writer’s Digest will do an interview with me in their May 2015 issue. Winning comes with other prizes, too, including a $3,000 cash award (on which Bernie has already claimed dibs).

I want to thank you for your support during the last year.  I began 2014 with an unpublished manuscript and went on to publish both an ebook and a print book that reached best seller status on Amazon in five categories.  We had lots of book signings and finished the year by winning the GRAND PRIZE in a major book contest.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

And for that, I offer my most sincere thanks.


Steve LeBel

awards 01p.s. I’m very pleased with how Bernie has responded to his new-found fame.  He seems to be taking it all in stride.

p.p.s.  I received two interesting pieces of feedback from Writer’s Digest.  The first is an Editorial Review of the book, written after they awarded the Grand Prize.  The second is the actual rating and narrative from the first judge who read the book.  I found them very interesting and full of insight into how judging is done.

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