It’s Official… (Writer’s Digest)

award 09Writer’s Digest posted the results of their book contest on their site, so I guess that makes it ‘official.’

Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

They also did an interview with me in which they asked me all about my experience in writing and publishing my book.  It was a fun interview and it turned up some interesting ideas, I think.  You can find it here:

Writer’s Digest Interview with Steve LeBel

The magazine will be coming out shortly.  It is the May/June issue.  It will have the same award announcement and also an abbreviated interview.

I told the editors I was so pleased with the award that I planned to enter another of their contests, but they told me I am only allowed to win once a year.  I have to skip a year.  Oh, well…

The next book will be available just in time for that contest.  What do you think, Bernie?  Are you up for it?


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