Bernie and the Lost Girl

      Bernie and the Lost Girl
$ 9.95eBook: $ 3.95
Series: The Universe Builders, Book 3
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult SciFi
Publisher: Argon Press
Length: 85
ISBN: 9781944815660

This is the prequel to the award-winning book, Bernie and the Putty. This story begins when our young gods are twelve years old. A little girl is lost, and our young heroes are the only ones who can save her from the deadly woods.

About the Book

This is the prequel to the award-winning fantasy The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty.

All of God Town is in an uproar. A child has been lost. The Town mobilizes and an exhaustive search is carried out, but as the day wears on, fear grows that little Emily may be lost forever.

01_1014-05-28 21.52.42Despite the growing evidence, the gods continue to resist the the idea little Emily has wandered into the woods, a place feared by even the gods. Yet one young god, named Bernie, isn’t afraid. With the help of his friends, Suzie and Lenny, they embark on a rescue no god would ever consider. They will search the woods, and if necessary, they will even search the deadly area beyond The Town called the Unknown Territory.

It’s a fascinating tale of unusual young heroes on a courageous quest.

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