What is a Shimmer?

A godly shimmer surrounds all the gods in my stories.  It is inspired by two concepts.

  1. Each god has an inner glow that shines with a brightness that makes it hard for ‘mortal’ creatures to look directly at them.  The glow is golden or perhaps sunshine-like.  It extends beyond their skin approximately 12 inches.
  2. Secondly, shimmers are influenced by feelings and changes colors depending on the feelings of the god or goddess.  This picture depicts the concept, although I don’t really follow the color scheme very closely.


As the gods age, their shimmer shows less variation.  An elder god, for example, shows few signs of emotion (they’e so old, there aren’t many things that surprise or excite them, so there are few color changes in their shimmers).  Elder gods also tend to have shimmers that are more intense, although they rarely extend more than 6 inches in any direction.  Youngsters, on the other hand, have shimmers that are constantly whipping around and can look like a kaleidoscope of changing colors, depending on what is going on with them.

The girls in God School sometimes take classes and learn to control their shimmers, but boys rarely do.

fitting in 01

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