What Does Bernie’s Dad Look Like?

What about Bernie’s dad, the Great Simeon?

He was a challenge.  Simeon is a world re-known universe builder who won an unprecedented THREE Universe Awards.  Unfortunately, the fame went to his head and he left his family behind in his pursuit of fame and fortune.

The flashy lifestyle led me to think of many different people, but who typifies this better than Liberace?  No one I can think of.

So Liberace became the inspiration for Bernie’s father, the Great Simeon…

Simeon 1maxresdefault
simeon 3 simeon 2

Later, as I added more refinement for my mental image of Bernie’s father, I found it here:


That’s when I realized that Elvis “The King” Presley was even closer to the image I was after:



So this is the process and the images that inspired the Great Simeon…


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