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Originally, I was very concerned about copyright issues and have no desire to use unauthorized images for my website.  However, I have found it to extremely difficult to find the images I am looking for through traditional image leasing sites, such as shutterstock and others.

As a result, I have used the larger image libraries of sources such as Google and Bing, where I have found excellent images.  Whenever I have found an image, I have made a sincere effort to determine whether the image has been copyrighted.  In every case where I have found a copyrighted image, I have made appropriate licensing arrangements to compensate the artist for their work.

If anyone identifies a copyrighted image I am using that you think may not be properly licensed, please advise me.  I will be more than happy to compensate the artist for their work or to remove the image, if that is their preference.

Thank you.

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3 Responses to Website Images

  1. Robert says:

    HOORAY! My computer is repaired and I’m online at last! Our son Kevin (who has a degree in computer science) ordered the parts and we installed them. VOILA! My computer is alive again…without the help of Doctor Frankenstein.


  2. Steve LeBel says:

    Sorry about emailing this posting. I wanted to tell people I have made an honest effort to avoid copyrighted images. I forgot the postings were configured to be sent out to my friends.

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