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I made this book trailer for $15:  If you would like to know how, click here.


50 Responses to Book Trailer – Feedback

  1. Awesome trailer! I am going to share it with the Book Trailers group on Goodreads. Can’t believe it cost $15.

  2. Ardis says:

    Wow, you have tingled the literary taste buds for sure….the Trailer is a grabber…music and scripting well done. Anxious to read and compare to Version 1. Still think inclined to Young Adult readers market, especially with pics of characters…..they are as I imagined them…wishing you and Bernie continuing successes. Thanks for giving the privilege of watching the journey evolve. Kudos, Ardis

  3. This is wonderfully done. I love the music. Text was clear. Graphics perfectly matched and the transitions from one slide to the other quite smooth. Thanks for sharing!

    • Steve LeBel says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate it when people take the time to check it out. If you or anyone else is interested in seeing what I did to make the video, let me know. I put all the steps and processes on a web page. And the total cost was only $15.

  4. Tanya says:

    Great trailer! I create book trailers on my website and it gave me some cool ideas to use towards my trailers:) It definitely made me want to check out the book.

  5. Melissa Rose says:

    Looks good! I like the music and it made me very interested in the story. The only thing I’m not sure of my opinion on is the illustrated characters, the pictures and music were so dramatic and the illustrations lacked in comparison. However, the trailer still made me want to read it and when I get some money lol, perhaps I will buy it.

  6. Bigi Stotzka says:

    Loved the Trailer, the music was perfect and am really looking forward to reading the book soon. 🙂

    • Steve LeBel says:

      Thank you, Bigi. If you are interested in a free copy of the book, you can get one from my publisher. They’re offering a free copy to anyone willing to write a review. You can get it here. Enjoy!

  7. Susan says:

    Best book trailer I have seen in a long time! Congratulations! Sounds like an interesting book from the trailer.

  8. Susanne Bellamy says:

    Hi Steve,

    It seems appropriate for a YA book, which I’ve assumed this is from the trailer. It’s clear and to the point and the artwork should appeal to your demographic. Well done!

  9. Steve LeBel says:

    Thank you Teri and Harel. I have been getting some great feedback and a few suggestions for improving it. I really appreciate you and all the others who have stopped by and given me feedback.

  10. This is a very good book trailer, very well done. I also thought the music went very well with it. I think this would be an interesting book to read.

  11. Great music and very interesting premise. Well done trailer!

  12. Mary Lou Moench says:

    The music is driving.
    After introducing the MC, the drawings suggest that this is comedic and new adult or young adult.

    It looks to me like this will be a fun read.

  13. Tayla Durham says:

    definitely a book I’ll be watching for. The commercial is well made and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Forget wizards, fairies, or even vampires in training, gods in training!

    • Steve LeBel says:

      Thanks, Tayla. It has been a lot of fun to write. One of the biggest challenges is making sure the gods are being challenged. Where are their limits? What gets them upset? How to they interact with each other?

  14. Great trailer Steve! Music and questions work together in an amazing way. Congratulations for the work!

  15. Very exciting video with great music. I wanna read the book!

  16. Taylor says:

    Looks really interesting, good job! love it and the music is well chosen!

  17. Xao Thao says:

    You know, I don’t care for book trailers. Really famous people have them. I see one and I think, “Oh, a new movie. This looks great.” And then, at the end, it’s like, “Buy this book today”, and I’m totally disappointed because I don’t have the time it takes to actually spend with a book.

    Overall, I loved the idea and I really loved the question it asks. That question should be your key focus on marketing and advertising–“How do you stop a god who is bent on destroying everything, even if you are a god?” That’s a very interesting question and I believe it will attract a lot of fantasy readers. It is a profound question and I really think you should use that for your marketing.

    I think that if there’s animation in it, then everything should be animated…including the city and the beginning scenery. I love the picture of the cosmos so that should definitely remain as it is. But I think that the art should flow. I was expecting real people…but it turned to drawings. There’s a different way you could do it that I think would work better if your entire trailer isn’t animated…it should START as animation and then mesh into real people. That would make it seem like a concept or a story that becomes real.

    I really like the book cover at the end. It’s beautiful.

    I’m not sure what the book’s audience is, but I believe this book will be good for young adults to adults. For example, Orson Scott Card’s book, “Ender’s Game” is technically for young adults and children but adults of all ages read that book. I think your book will be relatable to everyone everywhere.

    I don’t like book trailers, but I really like this one. I really like this book. This trailer makes me want to want to read this book. I think it got the job done effectively. It was very creative. You did a very good job. I am proud of you and I wish you much success with this endeavor and all of your other endeavors.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as well! ^_^

    • Taylor says:

      I agree with what Xao said about the ending “buy this book”. But there is a really easy fix to this, you can start by introducing the trailer as being a Book Trailer.

      Make it clear from the beginning that is a book trailer.

      Also the call to action is OK, “but this book today” but since people love to buy rather then being sold to, you need to offer them clear benefits.

      “Why would people buy the book?”
      “How will their live be enhanced by reading the book?”

      if you get these 2 points across in the trailer you will be golden! 🙂

    • Steve LeBel says:

      I think you have captured the essence of the book, Xao. The book is basically about the struggle between Bernie and Billy as they use their godly powers to rage war. I like to think the book has some other interesting elements as well. I will take to heart your feedback (and that of Taylor below). Good stuff for me to think about. Thank you both for taking the time to comment.

      Merry Christmas to you all.

  18. Jen Ponce says:

    It was a fun trailer to watch. I, too, wondered what market it was intended for but that didn’t stop me from thinking it was pretty cool. It kept my attention and made me want to know more!

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Cara Marsi says:

    It’s very evocative and eye-catching. I like it. The beginning makes it seem as if it will be a dark fantasy, but the drawings make me think it’s a YA. The music and graphics are good, and everything held my interest, but I’m not really sure from the trailer what genre it is.

    • Steve LeBel says:

      That’s an excellent point, Cara. I wrote it originally for adults, but I’ve had a lot of people suggest it’s suitable for both. You are one of several who have suggested presentation style continues to confuse the question. I may wait until I have more feedback from book reviewers before I decide where to position it. Then I will go back and change some images in the trailer and also on the website.

  20. Melissa says:

    Great trailer! I must say, you’ve certainly peeked my interest! 🙂 And I really like the music. It sets the mood perfectly.

  21. Lee Davidson says:

    Great trailer! Love the music choice and how you’ve kept the story description simple, with a bit of humor…I’m a sucker for that. This looks like a book I will enjoy.

    • Steve LeBel says:

      Thank you, Lee. I will try to let everyone know when it’s available. Right now, my target date is March 1st, but I expect to have some ARC’s (Advance Review Copies) available for reviewers.

  22. Sabrina Josefus says:

    I think the music is great the first scenes too but then i dont know is it a book for teenagers? because i think it looks like, i expected something different after the first scene and because of the music, i think the story is surely a good one and it sounds interesting but yeah it looks too childish for me, just my opinion 🙂

    • Steve LeBel says:

      An interesting question, Sabrina. I originally intended the book for adults, but my writing style is very easy to understand. Several of my beta readers said it could easily be for young adult or for adult. At this point, I think I am going to have to let the marketplace decide.

  23. Donna Gentry says:

    I really enjoyed the trailer. The music is outstanding. Makes one want to know the interactions of these characters and how it ends! Great job!

  24. What a treat! I really enjoyed the energy and the hints at the story behind the trailer.
    Thank you!

    • Steve LeBel says:

      Thank you for visiting, Barbara. I appreciate it. BTW, I downloaded your Adventures of a Love Investigator this morning and you have a great way of telling a fun story. I’ll have to try your Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider books so I can find out what I should be doing with my fedora.

  25. Julie George says:

    Wow, I really like this. The music drives it forward so well. I felt the need for one additional word near the end of the piece. You ask the question, how do you stop a god from destroying…..etc. and follow with “even if you are a god.” I automatically saw the words “you, yourself, are a god?” It may not be necessary to add “yourself” but it sounds more complete. An adjective added to the line “They have a history…” might be good. “They have a competitive history…” “They have an adversarial history…” Or, just plain “They have an unhappy history…” Love this. Your book would make a great movie. Congrats on achieving yet another step toward publication.

    • Steve LeBel says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Julie. As usual, I should have sought your input before I sent in my script. I do plan at least one more edit when I have the book available for sale.

  26. S.T. Ranscht says:

    This is the best book trailer I’ve seen. It moves quickly, the art work is charming, the music drives forward, and it makes me want to read Bernie and the Putty — which, after all, is the point, right?

    It also seems to have its tongue in its cheek, as does the story, which is yet another reason it’s so effective.

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