Places to Post Your Review

Thank you for reading The Universe Builders.

As you know, spreading the word about an author’s work is very important.

Bernie and I would be very grateful if you at one or more of the following locations.  It’s okay to cut-and-paste the same review to multiple places.

Remember, reviews don’t have to be long.  It’s important to include some sort of comment.  Even something as short as, “I really liked it.” is fine.

These are the best places to post your review:

Bernie and the Putty

Barnes & Noble


Bernie and the Wizards

Barnes & Noble 


Bernie and the Lost Girl

Barnes & Noble


Bernie and the Time Lords

There are many places that accept reviews.  We also encourage you to post reviews on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Reddit, Google, Myspace, etc.

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Steve LeBel