Beta Reader Invitation – Bernie and the Time Lords


I’m seeking beta readers for my new book.  The working title is Bernie and the Time Lords.

The plot picks up where Bernie and the Wizards left off.  You’ll recall that Bernie works for The Business.  He is now a Troubleshooter and his task is to fix broken universes.

Bernie’s next assignment is a world the gods created to produce a glowing powder the gods sprinkle on their streets to light them up at night. For some reason, the miners have stopped producing.  When Bernie investigates, he finds the problem is more complicated than just renegotiating a new trading agreement.  Everything on their world keeps changing.  Could it be that something is changing their past?  You know Shemal (Bernie’s boss) prefers to solve problems by restocking planets with more cooperative species.  Bernie is under pressure once again fix the problem before his boss decides it’s easier to wipe out all the people and start over.



A beta book (also called an Advance Review Copy or ARC) is not ready to be published.  It means I’m looking for input on the plot, the characters, and everything else.  I want to know what you think.  If you find things you don’t like, then I’ll do everything I can to make the book better.

A beta book has not been professionally edited, so you’ll find minor mistakes (typos, missing words, etc.).  After I incorporate your suggestions, that’s when I’ll submit the book to a professional editor for final proofing.

The beta book will be available in the standard ebook formats (.mobi, .epub, .pdf).



There are lots of things I want to accomplish. That why I need your feedback.  I want readers to:

  • like the characters
  • ponder big questions
  • not want to put the book down
  • love the ending
  • tell their friends about the book
  • and more

To do that, I need you to:

  1. Tell me about characters that are not engaging so I can strengthen or remove them.
  2. Identify anything that’s confusing (chapters, paragraphs, or dialog).
  3. Evaluate subplots.  My books have lots of subplots.  If you think one of them is unnecessary or not adequately resolved, tell me so it can be enhanced or removed.
  4. Provide feedback on the ending.  Can you think of a better one?  Was the book satisfying?  Does it make you want to read more in the series?  Do you want to tell your friends about it?

Remember, you don’t have to worry about typos, misspellings, missing words, or anything like that.  My editor will take care of all of those things before the final version.

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To collect your feedback, I’ve created an online form.  The form will ask for your thoughts and comments on various aspects of the book.

As I review everyone’s feedback, I may ask to speak with some of you by phone (with your permission).  This may not be possible or practical for everyone (e.g., different countries, different time zones, etc.)



When the book is published, I’ll need as many reviews as I can get.  I’m counting on you, my beta readers, to provide the first reviews for the book.

When the book is published, I’ll send you an email to let you know.  I’ll then ask you to publish your review on Amazon and other sites.

I’ll also use excerpts from your reviews in some of the book’s promotional material.

For each reviewer, as my way of thanking you, I’ll send you a signed print copy of the new book.


If you’re interested in being a beta reader, let me know.  I promise to take your input seriously.  With your help, I’ll do my best to make Bernie and the Time Lords an outstanding next book in the Universe Builders Series.

Signup Here:  [Yes, I’m interested in being a Beta Reader for Bernie and the Time Lords]

Thank you!