Trailer Detail

This is my concept for the book trailer.

From a distance, it looks like an ordinary town with ordinary people

  • image of aerial view of town; show it on top of a plateau surrounded by woods and dense forests
  • closer view of central plaza with fountains and sidewalk cafes; people can be seen; they do not use technology, so no cars, bicycles, etc.; they don’t use beasts of burden.

They are anything but ordinary…

They are the gods and goddesses who build universes.

  • image of universes
  • image of universe building; perhaps this should be bright colors

Our story is about a young god named Bernie.

  • image of Bernie

He just graduated from God School…

  • image of Bernie dressed in white cap and gown and getting his diploma; sign on the school says “God School”

and has a wonderful job working for The Business, making universes.

  • image of The Business;

Bernie has good friends who try to help him.

  • image of Suzie
  • image of Lenny; perhaps images should be together

But there is a problem…

Another god named Billy doesn’t like Bernie.

  • image of Billy

He doesn’t like Bernie at all.

They have a history…

  • image of fight
  • image of other conflict(s); yelling?

Billy does everything he can to hurt Bernie’s beautiful world.

  • images of meteor strikes
  • images of volcanoes
  • images of thunder storms
  • images of raging fires

Bernie’s Boss is ready to fire him – if he doesn’t do a good job on his universe.

  • image of his boss, Shemal

But how can you stop a god who is bent on destroying everything?

  • repeat images of meteor strikes, volcanoes, thunder storms, and fires

Even if you are a god?

  • image?

Join our unlikely hero as he battles his greatest enemy with the power of the gods.

  • image?

Buy it today.

  • image of book with clickable link to purchase