How I did my Book Trailer

The book trailer for Bernie and the Putty turned out well. I will be the first to admit it isn’t going to compete with the big budget trailers, but I you have to remember it only cost me $15.

Basic Design

This is the information I did to script out what my book trailer should look like:

Image Gathering

After I knew what I wanted my trailer to do and to say, I knew I needed to have some images drawn for my characters.  I went to and surveyed the vendors who offered to draw characters for books.  I shared with them a page with background information on my characters:

I contracted with three different vendors and paid them to draw four images of my characters ($5 per image, $20 per vendor).  Arguably, this was an additional cost for the trailer, but I needed these images for my website and some other promotional materials.

I considered having them draw other things for me, such as scenes, but decided not to do that.

Vendor Selection

I went to to find a vendor to do my work.  If you look around, you will find there are quite a few people who will build a book trailer for you for $5.  They will ask you for ‘extra gigs’ if you want them to do something special for the trailer.  In my case I paid an extra $5 to pay for them to seek out additional images and a second $5 to pay for them to incorporate video into the trailer.  Payment is made through PayPal.

I contacted several who offered the service, showing them my trailer detail.  I chose a vendor who is listed on the site as ‘goodgift’.  Her name is Jaela.

Vendor Interaction

Jaela did a great job with her music selection and use of the images I gave her.  You can see some changes between my specs and what she produced.  Some of that was because I didn’t have a couple images I mentioned in the script.

I asked her to modify the initial work after I had a chance to look it over.  Some of the words were changed to make it flow better.  I also asked her to lengthen the amount of time spent on certain slides.

She made the adjustments I requested, but I discovered the slides and the music were no longer perfectly aligned.  What I learned was she had no ability to control the music (making it longer or shorter), so we re-synced the timing of the slides to fit with the music once again.

Jaela did a great job and I can and do recommend her to others.

Upload to YouTube

I had to create a YouTube account so I could upload the video.  Once that was done, I was given a URL to the video.  My website is build with WordPress, so I installed a module called “YouTube Free” and used the link to display the video on my web page.

Final Result

I am very pleased with the final result.


You can see from the comments, people really like the trailer.  I have also had nearly 100 more comments from people who sent me messages instead of posting their comments there.  With 2-3 exceptions, the comments have been very positive and I feel like the trailer has been a good investment for me.

Further Enhancements

My book is not yet published, and I have not yet finalized the book cover, so I still need more changes to the trailer.  At some point, I will ask Jaela to add my new book cover.  I have been considering using real pictures of my characters instead of cartoon characters; this would represent additional cost, but I may do it if I can find good images.

 Final Update

My book was published in June 2014 and the print book in August 2014.  The trailer has proven to be a good way of promoting the book.

Please check out the rest of the website for more information about the book.